New “Lost Machines” Update Brings Two New Chapters to Puzzle Box Adventure ‘Machinika Museum’ – TouchArcade

In April of last year Littlefield Studio and Plug In Digital launched Machinika Museum on the App Store, a puzzle box adventure game similar to something like The Room series. The premise was that you worked in a museum and it was your job to inspect any incoming artifacts, and because your particular museum focused on futuristic items, the ones you were tasked with exploring often seemed almost otherworldly. You could even say they seemed pretty alien, if you catch my drift. Yeah there is a whole alien element to the story and it’s pretty cool. The puzzle boxes themselves were also pretty cool, and in general we really liked Machinika Museum when the mobile version launched, even picking it as our Game of the Week.

With a little over a year since that mobile launch, Littlefield Studio has been hard at work on a major update for the game which has just gone live on both mobile and PC today. The update is named “The Lost Machines” and it features two brand new chapters which equals two new puzzle boxes to explore. The first is the Network, a “machine with its own intelligence that will challenge you.” Next up the Planetarium has now become its very own chapter that will be filled with additional lore about the game. This update also includes 7 additional localizations: Polish, Brazilian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Traditionnal and Simplified Chinese. This update is free for all owners of the full version of Machinika Museum, and if you haven’t tried this one yet it’s free to download and try with a one-time IAP to unlock the entire game including this new content.

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