Valve’s platform has officially arrived in the Asian country, but many community features are missing. Little by little, China is entering more deeply into the world of videogames internationally. One proof is that some of the country’s studios are preparing games that they attract a lot of attention, like Black Myth: Wukong. We also know that PlayStation 5 reach in the second quarter of 2021 to China, or that the Nintendo Switch version of Tencent has sold more than a million consoles. Now, Steam has officially reached Mainland china, Y thanks to PC Gamer we can take a look at this version, which undoubtedly drawsRead More →

The service also allows you to enjoy these days of Overcooked! 2 for the Nintendo console. A total of four new video games will be available on Nintendo Switch Online starting February 17th. These are three releases from Super Nintendo and one from NES that will take the witness of the novelties of the payment service presented a few months ago with the Donkey Kong Country trilogy as the protagonist. Starting with the NES, players will be able to download this next week Fire ‘n Ice, a puzzle video game released in 1993 in Europe for the system where we have to defend a kingdomRead More →

February 10, 2021CommentRecent A space adventure rich in elements of dark humor and with an immortal chicken in the middle, this is the narrative premise of Breathedge, a video game signed by RedRuins Softworks that has been in early access on PC for more than two years with mostly positive reviews, until now. . Its managers have confirmed that the video game will be available in version 1.0 this February, adding texts in Spanish among its novelties. Follow Game

PlayStation 5 users publish on the networks examples of this failure that affects the joysticks of the controller. El “drifting” It is a problem that sometimes affects the joysticks of some controllers. That glitch that causes the character to move even if you return the lever to its neutral position, and it becomes very annoying during games. It is a problem that Nintendo Switch users know well, and that has led the president of the Big N himself to apologize for the Joy-Con drift, but it seems that there is another current console affected by it. How we read in Kotaku, it seems that someRead More →

PlayStation offers the award-winning Naughty Dog adventure for its record low in an exclusive brick-and-mortar offering. The Last of Us Part II is one of those titles that no PS4 and PlayStation 5 gamer should miss out on. And, if your impediment is the price, there are no excuses that are worth. Thanks to the new PlayStation promotion, the award-winning Naughty Dog adventure is available in physical format at a very special price: 29,99 euros. A unique opportunity to win what is the adventure with the most Game of the Year awards in history. Its historical minimum price, available only until March 2It is, yes,Read More →

The French company is “analyzing” the market at the moment, but they have not concluded anything yet. The price of games in the new generation of consoles it has been a topic that has given much to talk about since last summer. It all started with Take-Two’s confirmation that NBA 2K21 was going to be more expensive on the new consoles, something that was not an isolated event. Other companies such as Activision or Sony have followed suit, the latter placing the price of PS5 exclusives at 80 euros. With the general upward trend, Ubisoft It was one of the few companies that had notRead More →

Take-Two has commented that it tries to get its games to launch smoothly, referring to Cyberpunk 2077. At the end of last year, Rockstar surprised us with the release of a new expansion for GTA Online, the multiplayer side out of GTA V. The “Heist on Cayo Perico” update introduced a new location, new missions and lots of content to further expand the game. huge experience that we can live playing this way. GTA Online, of course, is designed and focused on multiplayer, either cooperative or competitive, and missions are usually spent in the company of friends and other players. But how noted Twinfinite, theRead More →

Show that you are a true strategist and unleash destruction in this game from the Games Workshop universe. In life you can never have enough Warhammer, or so claims some other acquaintance who lives by and for the work of Games Workshop. The fact is that, in recent weeks, we have seen the announcement of Total War: Warhammer 3 with a spectacular trailer as a cover letter. But, for those who prefer science fiction to fantasy, and are equally bloodthirsty, we bring great news. Slitherine and Black Lab Games announce Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, a new adventure to be available this year en PC, PS4 yRead More →

Nicolo Laurent’s former assistant talks about constant innuendo and propositions until his dismissal in 2020. Cases of sexual harassment and gender discrimination are not a novelty in Riot Games. Recall that the company responsible for League of Legends received multiple demands in this regard in the past from its own employees, which even caused a strike in 2019 after a resolution that seemed insufficient to them. And within its leadership they gave cases like Scott Gelb, COO of the company, who was suspended for two months after allegations that he touched the genitals of his employees, among other reasons. Now, the complaints are focused onRead More →

Ubisoft Connect gives away the video game of its open world saga set in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2021. There is no better way to start your day than with free games. And, if they are also from the Assassin’s Creed saga, much better. The fact is that next Friday the Chinese New Year 2021, and to celebrate, Ubisoft offers players one of his adventures at no cost on PC. This is Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, which is available for free this week. To be more specific, this Assassin’s Creed game can be claim free from day 9, until February 16 atRead More →