Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth How To Skip Chapter 1

For those who are ready to dive into the story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, going back to Nibelheim in the first chapter might seem familiar, especially if you've played the demo before. Luckily, Square Enix has added a way to skip this part for players who've been through it already.

ff7 rebirth how to skip chapter 1

Unlocking the Skip Feature

 Before embarking on your Nibelheim bypass, ensure you meet the prerequisites

  •  To skip the Nibelheim part, make sure you’re all set by having these done.
  • Finished Demon – Have a demo save file where you wrapped up the Nibelheim case.
  • Check Save Data – Go to the “Bonuses” part of the main menu. Hit “Scan for Save Data” and let it look through your PS5 storage for the save you need.

Skipping the Nibelheim Flashback

  • Start Your Adventure: Begin your adventure of Rebirth, go through Zack’s first part and Cloud’s memory in Kalm.
  • Early Learning: Finish the starting learning parts. This includes defending the truck as Sephiroth and visiting Nibelheim with Cloud.
  • Coming to the Key Moment: After the initial fights in the tutorial, you’ll go up Mount Nibel with Tifa.
  • The first battle you come across there will give you an important option to skip the Nibelheim task.

To get a better idea, you can look up to this videos.

Crucial Considerations

  • Choosing Not to Watch: If you decide not to watch, you’ll miss the whole Nibelheim flashback. This means losing key parts of the story and maybe some rewards too.
  • What Skipping Covers: The option to skip is just for the Nibelheim part, not for all of Chapter 1.
  • Making Your Decision: Be really careful when you choose to skip. Once you do, you can’t go back.

A Moment of Pause

Using the skip feature can speed up your game, but think about going back to Nibelheim. You might see things differently or find chances to grow your characters in this new story. The choice is yours, brave SOLDIER, on how to explore Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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