Pokemon Go Update Brings Stunning New Biomes, But “Absolutely Cooks” Older Devices

Pokemon Go, the game that lets us catch Pokemon in real life, just got a big change. Now, the game looks different because it changes based on where you are, making catching Pokemon feel real. But, if your phone is old, you might not enjoy it as much, like what people in Australia say when things don't work out.

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A Breath of Fresh Air (For Some)

After seven years of being the champions of gyms and gathering Pokemon, the creators at Niantic are bringing new excitement to Pokemon Go with a visual makeover. This fresh update brings in biomes—virtual settings that mirror the real environment around you. Picture yourself catching a Squirtle next to a sparkling digital pond in a park, or bumping into a fire-type Pokemon in a biome that’s themed like a volcano in a drier area. This blend with the environment adds an extra level of detail to playing Pokemon Go, linking it closer to the world we walk through.

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The Price of Progress, Older Devices Left Behind

The new areas in the game are really cool, but the latest updates have made it tough for people with old phones. A lot of gamers are having trouble because the pictures in the game look better now but don’t work well on their devices. People are pretty upset about it and are talking a lot on sites like Reddit about the different troubles they’re running into.

  • Battery Drain: The new graphics appear to be quite demanding, making phone batteries run out quicker than in the past. This might worry people who like to play Pokemon Go for a long time.
  • Lag and Performance Issues: The new update has made the game slow and not react as quickly. This can be very annoying, especially when you’re trying to catch Pokemon or fight in gyms.
  • Unplayable for Some: In the most extreme situations, the new update has made the game completely impossible to play for some players. People have complained about the game slowing down and bugs that stop simple things like tossing Pokeballs from working. This has been talked about a lot on the internet. There’s also been a split in how different groups find Pokemon.

These problems show there might be a gap between Pokemon Go players based on what phones they use. The game was made to be easy for everyone to play, no matter the kind of phone they have. But, the latest update likes people with better phones that can take the new graphics. This means some players, especially the younger ones who don’t have the new phones, might be left out.

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A Hopeful Future

For those who love playing Pokemon Go on older devices, there’s still a bit of hope. It’s good to keep in mind that the new visuals are probably still being worked on. The creators behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, are known for keeping the game up to date. They’re likely to sort out any issues with how the game runs and make sure the new features work well on various devices. Players should not have to pick between trying out the new areas in the game and having a smooth play experience.

For now, if you’re playing Pokemon Go on an older device, you might want to try a few things to help it run better. You could restart your phone, close apps you’re not using, and check you’ve got the latest software. But, the main fix needs to come from Niantic. Everyone who makes games is waiting to see the next update. They hope it will let every player, no matter what device they’re using, get the full, new experience of Pokemon Go without any trouble.

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