PS5 and PS4 Video Games Releasing in March 2024

March 2024 looks to be a huge month for gamers, with tons of new games coming out for both PS5 and PS4. February had a lot of big games, but March might beat it with even more games and different kinds, so almost everyone will find something they like.

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Lovers of scary stories have many spooky options to pick from this month.

  • The Outlast Trials: Fans have been waiting for this game! It’s a new part of the scary game series and is coming to game consoles after people could first try it on Steam. Even though it’s supposed to be really scary and fun, it might be quite different from the other Outlast games we know.
  • Alone in the Dark: They’re bringing back this old scary game from the 90s, and people are really excited but also a bit worried. It’s been a long time since a game from this series was really good. We’re all waiting to see if this game will be as spooky and cool as the first one or if it won’t be as great.
ps5 video Game

Fans of action RPGs are in for twice the fun.

  • Dragon’s Dogma 2: This game is what a lot of fans wanted from Capcom, looking to follow up the original with more of what made it great and adding new, exciting quests.
  • Rise of the Ronin: This game is only for PS5, coming out with Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s a game filled with action and puts you in the shoes of a samurai, something you can only get with the new PS5.
ps5 video Game

March brings a wide range of games for different styles and likes.

Fans of sports can get ready for the new season by getting MLB The Show 24, the newest version of the well-loved baseball game. People who love wrestling can get into the virtual ring and wrestle with their favorite stars in WWE 2K24. Those who are into Star Wars can play the classic battles again with the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. If you’re looking for something different and funny, you can try playing What the Golf?, a very unusual golf game. If you like making things, you can build your ideal city in Little Cities: Bigger! or run a tram system in Tram Simulator Urban Transit. These are just a few of the many games coming out in March. Whether you like scary games, action-packed adventures, calm simulation games, or fun indie games, there’s something new for every gamer to enjoy.

ps5 video Game

Moreover, check out these other interesting titles coming out in March

For those who love to plan: The turn-based strategy game called Expeditions: A MudRunner Game gives you control over going through tough places. Also, the tactical RPG named Unicorn Overlord gives you a chance to create and lead your own magical army. For those who enjoy puzzles: Try the logic-based game Shadows Over Loathing or the story-driven puzzle game The Last Worker for some brain teasers. For the creative ones: House Flipper 2 lets you fix up and sell houses you’ve dreamed of. In Tram Simulator Urban Transit, you get to run your own tram system. Whether you’ve been playing games for years or you’re new to this, March 2024 is full of new games to catch your eye. With all these great games coming, it’s a great time to dive into gaming or add to your game collection.

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