Is Sony Santa Monica Working on a New God of War?

For fans of PlayStation, just hearing about a new God of War game is super exciting. The awesome 2018 reboot and the even more amazing follow-up, God of War Ragnarok in 2022, turned Kratos' story into a fantastic mix of Norse myths and intense fighting. Even though Santa Monica Studio (SMS) hasn't officially said anything about a new God of War game yet, some recent news has gotten everyone talking.

New God of War

New God of War on the Horizon?

Keen gamers from the Portuguese site Geekinout made an exciting discovery on the PlayStation Studios careers page. SMS, the studio famous for creating God of War, is looking for new people to join its team. They have lots of important jobs open. This news isn’t shocking because we know the studio has projects in the works. But, what’s really interesting is the types of jobs they’re trying to fill.

Santa Monica Studio Hiring Points to New God of War

The job openings are like a full team of experts making awesome things. Think about a top audio designer making sounds so real, you can almost feel the clash of swords and shields. And a lead story animator? You’d be able to see every bit of emotion on Kratos’ face in an important part of the story. A senior character artist? Just picture a brand-new world filled with amazing creatures that take your breath away.

But here’s the job that really gets God of War fans excited: Senior Technical Combat Designer. This role turns rumors into loud shouts. The job details make it clear they want someone who knows all about the fights, the ways things work, the challenges, and the foes in God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok (2022). It’s no accident; it’s like slamming a battle axe down, showing that a new God of War story is on the way.

New God of War

When Will the Next God of War Come Out?

It’s important to manage what we expect. SMS is probably working on a lot of projects at the same time, and they have this secret project that isn’t about God of War. This secret game might be the most important thing for them right now, which means a new God of War game could take longer to come out.

However, The job post hinting at skills in God of War fighting shows that a new adventure with Kratos is getting ready, just like a powerful mix waiting for the last touch. It could be a while before we get the big news, with someone excitingly saying, “Boy, we have a game to make!” However, it’s obvious they’re already working on it, and the idea of another God of War game is super exciting for PlayStation players.

God of War Sequel: Expect Even More Intense and Brutal Combat?

After Ragnarok ended, what happens next? Did Kratos and Atreus finally get to relax, or are there more dangers waiting for them? It’s possible that not all the Norse gods are gone, or there might be a different group of gods ready to face the Ghost of Sparta. There are so many different ways the story could go, just like the many worlds in mythology.

For sure, the battles will be super intense and action-packed. The God of War games from 2018 and the one called Ragnarok changed how fighting worked in the game, and it looks like they want to take it even bigger. Picture Kratos and Atreus swinging the Leviathan Axe, tearing through huge mythical creatures in epic fights.

Fans Discuss Potential for a New God of War Game

Online forums and social media are buzzing with rumors. Communities on Reddit, like r/PS5 and r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, are filled with excitement. Fans are looking at job descriptions and making detailed guesses about the next God of War game. Everyone’s really looking forward to it, showing just how much people love the series.

New God of War

The Final Thought

Sony Santa Monica Studio hasn’t said much, but the jobs they’re hiring for hint at something exciting. It looks like a new God of War game is on its way, but it might take some time before we see it. This is great news for PlayStation lovers. Even though the God of War series finished its Norse stories, there’s definitely more action and adventures coming up.

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