Apple Allows Emulators: In April, Apple allowed emulators on the App Store, providing users with various options. Each emulator has unique advantages and drawbacks, leaving users to decide which best fits their preferences and gaming needs.

Delta Emulator: Delta supports multiple Nintendo consoles, including NES, SNES, and DS. It's user-friendly with excellent on-screen controls and haptic feedback. However, it struggles with Nintendo 64 games due to texture issues, affecting playability.

Gamma Emulator: Gamma focuses on PlayStation 1 games. It features a great user interface and save syncing but is hampered by frequent ads and less intuitive support for multi-disc games, resulting in a mixed user experience.

PPSSPP Emulator: PPSSPP is designed for PlayStation Portable games, offering a simple interface and strong emulation. While effective for PSP games, its limitation to this single platform and occasional need for a physical controller are notable downsides.

Folium Emulator: Folium emulates GameBoy Advance, DS, and 3DS games well, except for 3DS titles, which suffer from significant slowdown due to Apple's restrictions on JIT compilation. High-end devices may alleviate this issue, but it's still a notable drawback.

RetroArch Emulator: RetroArch supports a wide range of consoles and provides superior emulation quality for many systems. However, its unintuitive interface can be challenging for beginners, despite being the most versatile and powerful emulator available on the App Store.