WrestleMania Comeback: WWE 2K24 Review

WWE 2K24 is a big step in a new direction for the series, especially after the problems with WWE 2K20 and the careful comeback with WWE 2K22. This game comes out shining as a fun wrestling game to play. Made by Visual Concepts and released by 2K, it features a huge selection of wrestlers, better game play, and a new Showcase mode that celebrates the life of a real wrestling hero.

WWE 2K24 Review


The main part of the game focuses on one-on-one fights and competitions. WWE 2K24 brings an interesting story in its Showcase mode. This time, it’s all about “The Undertaker,” guiding gamers through his memorable career. Gamers get to experience memorable fights and challenges, starting from when he first appeared at Survivor Series in 1990 to the touching Hell in a Cell battle with Triple H at WrestleMania XXVIII. The way the story is told is smooth, filled with old videos and smart remarks, making it enjoyable for both long-time lovers and new players.

WWE 2K24 Review

Gameplay Mechanics

WWE 2K24 has made its gameplay even better than before. You can easily do lots of different moves because the controls are simple to use. Now, there are special meters for your finishing moves, which means you need to gain momentum before you can use your strongest attacks. They’ve also improved how you can counter attacks, making it fairer and quicker than it used to be.

WWE 2K24 Review

Still, there are parts that need more work. Some attacks and ways to make your character can be too strong, especially when playing online. The energy part, even though it got better, can run out too fast during intense games. This makes players have to use counter-attacks a lot instead of carefully planning how to use their power.

WWE 2K24 Review

Graphics and Visuals

WWE 2K24 offers great graphics. Each wrestler looks very real, with all their unique traits and body shapes captured well. The places where they wrestle are made to look just like the real ones, with lively colors and real-looking crowds. Even though it’s not hugely different from older games, the way it looks is much better than before. This makes playing it feel more like you’re actually there and part of the wrestling world.

WWE 2K24 Review

Sound and Music

The game has lots of different songs that everyone can enjoy. It includes famous WWE entrance music which makes the game feel more real. When you’re playing, the commentators talk about the match in a fun and smart way. But, if you play for a long time, you might hear the same comments over again. Also, sometimes there are small mistakes with the sound that might bother you a bit.

Controls and User Interface

The game controls work well and are easy to use, letting players do moves without trouble. The way players interact with the game has been made simpler too, helping them move through menus and find different ways to play the game more easily. It’s also really nice to see a full guide added for people who haven’t played wrestling games before.

WWE 2K24 Review

Performance and Optimization

The game runs well on computers and the newest game systems, usually without any problems. Things move smoothly and it doesn’t take long to load. But sometimes, there are small problems that can mess up playing, like when a character moves through things they shouldn’t or certain moves don’t start right. The people who made the game know about these problems and are fixing them.

Replay Value

WWE 2K24 comes with a lot of fun that you can come back to many times. There’s a big list of wrestlers you can choose from and many ways to play matches. The Universe mode gives you a giant playground to make up your own fights and stories, even if it’s a lot like before. Plus, playing online means you can go up against others from all over the globe, which makes the game last even longer.

Multiplayer Experience

The online multiplayer experience is a mixed bag. While the core gameplay mechanics translate well to online competition, connection issues can sometimes mar the experience. Lag and disconnection can occur, leading to frustrating matches. Additionally, the online community can be prone to toxicity, with some players resorting to unfair tactics and exploiting glitches.

Innovation and Uniqueness

WWE 2K24 might not change the wrestling game scene entirely, but it brings in some cool new bits. There’s the improved Showcase mode which tells a great story, and now, players also get special meters for signature moves and super finishers. This adds a bit of strategy to how you play. Still, most of the game plays a lot like the older games, not really shaking things up too much.

Immersion and Atmosphere

This game really brings the exciting world of pro wrestling to life. With its well-done arenas, full of life crowd sounds, and real-like commentary, you feel like you’re right in the middle of the excitement. The new and improved entrances for the wrestlers make the whole experience even better, adding more fun to how everything looks and feels.

Character Development

Even though the characters in the game don’t go through complex stories or grow much, it does a great job showing what they’re like and how they fight. There are lots of different wrestlers to choose from, so everyone playing can pick their favorite and fight just like them in the game.

WWE 2K24 Review

Final Verdict

WWE 2K24 is a big step up for the series. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s a fun wrestling game with better game play, an engaging Showcase mode, and lots of wrestlers to choose from. The graphics look great, and it really feels like you’re part of the wrestling world. Still, some problems with game balance, a few bugs, and sometimes annoying online play mean it’s not perfect. If you love wrestling or wrestling games, WWE 2K24 is worth getting. It’s not a game-changer, but it’s better than earlier games and sets the stage for future ones.

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