Astro Bot Game Launches on PlayStation 5 This September

A brand new "Astro Bot" game will launch for PlayStation 5 in September. 6, which Sony's PlayStation announced Thursday at the online "State of Play" presentation with upcoming games.

astro bot

According to PlayStation’s description, “In this new game you’ll travel through more than 80 levels to find Astro’s scattered team. Keep your fingers on Your Dual Speeder and make your way to every unique planet that includes the lush forests sandy beaches, hot volcanoes and other enthralling locations like an enormous hourglass, or the canopy of a tree that sings!”

Astro Bot is a character from the PlayStation game. Astro Bot first made an appearance in the 2017 PlayStation game “Astro Bot Rescue Mission.” Astro Bot was back to the game in “Astro Playroom,” a free game that aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the PS5 when it goes on sale in 2020.

“State of Play “State of Play” online event, which was focused on games that will be made available on PS5 as well as PS VR2, also included an initial look at the gameplay of the title “Concord,” as well as an announcement about the game’s launch date of August. 23. The title, created by Firewalk and Firewalk, is described as a 5-v-5 character-driven first-person multiplayer shooter that takes place in the Concord galaxy. “Concord” is a live service game with regular updates.

The first look, as well as release dates, was also released on other PlayStation and third-party games, including the PC Version of “God of War Ragnarok,” “Infinity Nikki,” “Dynasty Warriors,” “Ballad of Antara,” Skydance’s “Behemoth,” 20th Century Games’ “Alien: Rogue Incursion,” “Where Winds Meet,” NetEase Games’ “Marvel Rivals,” “Until Dawn,” “Path of Exile 2,” the “Silent Hill 2” remake and “Monster Hunter Wilds.”

astro bot

A new PlayStation CEO, Hideaki Nishino, as well as Hermen Hulst, didn’t appear in the presentation that was instead conducted by several PlayStation executives and developers as well as the director of PlayStation Productions, Asad Qizilbash.

“State of Play,” or the “State of Play” event, was first announced on Wednesday and was held one week prior to Summer Game Fest when studios and video game companies will be present to announce news about their upcoming games on various occasions. The biggest rival to PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, will be hosting an event of its own, which is tied to the fest on the 9th of June.

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