Breaking News:Dead by Daylight Behaviour Interactive Studio Faces Layoffs

Behaviour Interactive has disclosed that up to 95 staff would be laid off as part of'strategic adjustments' to the company's operating model. This announcement comes only months after the company laid off 40 employees. In a press release, Behaviour executives revealed that one of the main reasons for these layoffs is the current 'extraordinary competition' in the gaming business.

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive issued a statement in recognition of the layoffs:

Within this tough situation, Behaviour has refocused on its past strengths. These include the company’s leadership position in horror gaming, manufacturing experience, and a thirty-year track record of providing great support to its development partners.

To achieve this defined goal, Behaviour will make a number of strategic adjustments to its organizational structure, including enhancing the separation of product, manufacturing, business development, and marketing resources. As a result of these adjustments, the company’s workforce will be reduced by up to 95 individuals, with 70 headquartered in Montreal.

While modifications to our structure and strategic vision have necessitated difficult decisions, we are optimistic that these choices will position us for future success. As we enter the next stage of Behaviour’s expansion, our dedication to quality in our products and workplace culture remains unwavering.

Behaviour Interactive

This is the second time in as many days that a Montreal-based studio has been targeted with this type of attack. On June 3, Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) announced the closure of a studio in Montreal, resulting in the layoff of staff at the workplace.

It was also revealed that Dead by Daylight’s live-service development will be unaffected by the layoffs, and that existing projects will continue as usual. This implies that the spin-off title, The Casting of Frank Stone, will be unaffected by the round of redundancies.

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