Coming Up March Playstation Plus Games

March 2024 PlayStation Plus Games: A Mix for Every Gamer Hello to all PlayStation Plus members! Get ready for a thrilling gaming month because Sony has shared the games for March 2024. This mix has it all - whether you love speedy car races, enjoy learning martial arts, like sneaky missions, or dream of space adventures.

march playstation plus games

F1 23 (PS5, PS4)

Feel the power of G-force as you grab the wheel in F1 23. Dive into the true world of Formula One, with all the real teams, drivers, and tracks of the 2023 season. Feel the thrill of the race with amazing graphics, better control, and the new Sprint races that add more strategy to the challenge.

march playstation plus games

Sifu (PS5, PS4)

Dive into the role of a fearless fighter in Sifu, an engaging and distinct brawler game that offers an extraordinary twist. Set out on a journey of vengeance to track down and defeat the murderers of your father, learning and refining the formidable Pak-Mei kung fu technique as you progress. Yet, be aware that every time you are defeated, you will age. This requires you to adjust your combat methods and strategically plan your moves in every fight. This unique aging feature introduces an intriguing complexity and significance to the battles, ensuring that every triumph feels well-deserved and even more rewarding.

march playstation plus games

Hello Neighbor 2 (PS5, PS4)

Get ready for scares and a mental challenge in Hello Neighbor 2, which comes before the first scary game. You are Nicky Roth, a brave kid who wants to find out what secrets are inside your weird neighbor, Mr. Peterson’s normal-looking house. Use your smarts and be sneaky to move around the big world, figure out puzzles that have to do with the surroundings, and stay hidden as you sneak into Mr. Peterson’s house to discover his scary secrets. Hello Neighbor 2 gives you a thrilling and moody adventure that will keep you very interested.

march playstation plus games

Destiny 2

Hey all gamers! Destiny 2 just got way cooler with a big new part called The Witch Queen. It’s all about diving deep into a place packed with creepy creatures, called Savathûn’s Throne World. If you wanna play it, you need to have Destiny 2 already. This time, it’s you against Savathûn, a super tricky Hive God who’s grabbed the Light and is using it to do bad stuff. Get ready to figure out her tricks, battle some scary foes, and get your hands on some awesome new gear and powers to make things right in the galaxy again.

Don’t forget, you can start downloading these cool games on March 5, 2024, and they’ll be around for PlayStation Plus Essential members until April 1, 2024. Make sure you circle that date, get ready for some awesome gaming fun, and jump into the different adventures coming in the March 2024 PlayStation Plus collection!

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