Content Warning’s New Update Delivers More Thrills

Landfall launches its first significant Content Warning update, bringing the game's first map, monsters, and much more to the wildly popular cooperative horror

Content Warning New Update

Content Warning, the latest Landfall release, has been given its first major update less than one month after its launch. Content Warning went on sale its first day because it was completely free, however it is still available on Steam.

The latest installment in the annual tradition known as Landfall, Content Warning was released on April Fools the day that the developer has also named Landfall Day. It has led to them releasing previous games such as Knightfall typically at no cost for a period of time. The game was downloaded by more than 6 million players Content Warning while it was free, and more have purchased it for the bargain cost of $7.99 as of the 2nd of April. The update isn’t to the game, but the previous updates focused on connectivity and bugs issues. This new update adds many new features for players. However, players who are using Content Warning mods may want to wait until their favourite mods have been updated as well.

This major Content Warning update has a couple of high-level changes as well as a few smaller adjustments and fixes. The main point is that there’s an entire new map included in Content Warning, providing more of the old world for players. There will be brand new Content Warning monsters to find avoid, dodge and tape. There are 13 being added for players to gather for a spooktacular display for a chance to earn money. The monsters are also balanced. Beyond monsters and the brand new map, there’s an item of rare curse to be found located in the old world.

Content Warning New Update

There are new items available. There’s a new addition to the Content Warning item lineup with the addition of a Rescue Hat added, and there’s also a brand-new Hat Shop that players can make use of to embellish their characters and allow them to make a splash in their videos. There are also sky island improvements which are available to purchase using the new MetaCoins which can also be used in the Hat Shop. To make it easier to afford everything new deals for sponsored video are now available, and they will be available for purchase within one week. Once the avatar of the player is completed with their outfit and ready to go, they can make use of the brand-new mirror inside the home to ensure that they’re in the right best way to dress.

It is evidently influenced By Lethal Company, Content Warning’s humor and style have been able to make it make a mark in the marketplace. Although Lethal Company aims grim, Content Warning proudly fits the concept of a game that was released on April 1st and takes a humorous look at the idea of using cameras to film creatures from the world. Content Warning seeks to create a new type of environment by blending the humorous and the scary, and makes use of the fun that usually is found in games that involve co-operative play to reinforce these ideas instead of battling against them. The transition from laughter and jokes to a terrifying escape quite different from the constant darkness that other horror games aim for.

Content Warning New Update

Full Content Warning Patch Notes


  • Added a new map.
  • The game has added 13 new monsters.
  • New item added, Rescue hook.
  • We have added a shop for hats.
  • The sky island has been upgraded with unlockable upgrades.
  • The deals are sponsored by a third party and are available in the following week.
  • The MetaCoins were added to purchase islands, island upgrades, and the hats.
  • New rare cursed item from the old world.
  • Mirror added in the home.
  • Changes/improvements.
  • Changed the level selection to random.
  • General Monster Balancing.
  • Various audio improvements.
  • The voice of the player is slightly amplified.
  • Modified modding matchmaking.
  • Performance of video networking optimized so that you can extract more data faster in certain instances.


  • Correction VSync that was not functioning after the use of dive bells.
  • Resolved a few sound issues, including the sound not echoing enough.
  • Fixed issue that caused players to slide across the map while sleeping on the roof.
  • Corrected issue where the camera could not be able to enter the machine for video extraction.
  • Fixed issue that caused the game would stop in the event that you were able to surface, but only with the camera broken.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the boom mic to extend your body’s hit box.
  • Corrected issue in which the shock stick would only function once on the team or monsters.
  • Fixed problem in which holding an item while it was moving upwards or downwards with the bell that dives would create issues when picking up other objects.
  • Fixed issue in which holding an explosive bomb would remove the person who held it.
  • Fixed issue where the last player to leave you were unable to be able to return to the surface.
  • The possible fix for the bug in the door of the dive bell.
  • A possible solution to the audio popping issue.
  • Possible fix for defibrillator speed bug.

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