Pokemon Enthusiasts Design Adorable Baby Form for Tropius

A group of talented, artistic, and cooperative Pokemon fans have joined forces to create a brand-new baby Pokemon for the cult Pokemon Tropius. The cute fan-created design keeps some of the appearance of its adult-sized form and incorporates subtle new details that inform Pokemon fans about what the creature's supposed to be.


It was introduced in Pokemon’s third generation. Tropius is the only dual-type Grass/Flying Pokemon resembling a sauropod that includes dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus. It is among a handful of Pokemon that are not believed to have evolved into another. Since nothing has been done to the Pokemon during the six generations since its debut, many Pokemon enthusiasts believe Tropius needs a fresh improvement or a buff, the latter of which Pokemon fans have tried to develop.

The Pokemon fan artist who created the baby version of Tropius used the handle belonging to MengShuZ and Soyalexalan. MengShuZ posted the completed creation to a renowned Pokemon forum on Reddit. Baby Tropius, referred to as Platiny, is immediately identifiable as a baby sporting the same colours as its adult counterpart. Platiny has rounded green spikes at its back, possibly to be a sign of the budding leaves. Alongside having the stubbier appearance of its larger dinosaur-based Pokemon cousin, Platiny is wearing a banana-shaped headband as a headgear, which is likely taken directly from its neck by the Tropius mother.


The first slide shows a normal image of the fan-created Pokemon, and the second slide shows the newborn Tropius in a variety of various emotions. Based on the comments in the post, the original design of the Pokemon is the property of Soyalexalan, and MengShuZ made it fully-rigged 3D models. The design differs from a Pokemon fan’s infant Tropius concept, dubbed Tropette, which adheres slightly in line with Tropius’s original design.

Tropius is a Pokemon with no evolutive forms, leading fans to envision more than just a baby version in one Pokemon fan designing a Tropius Mega Evolution. The style features an excessively grown version of Tropius with massive, frayed leaves that have transformed into a rusty red hue. The head’s apex and neck are much more enhanced and sharpened, giving the gentle Pokemon an intimidating appearance. It remains to be known whether Tropius ever gets an upgrade or a change in any way; creators could always refer to the huge amount of Pokemon fan art to get ideas.

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