Epic Games Hacked ? Epic Games Denies Alleged Data Breach

On February 28, 2024, a big news hit the game players hard. It was said that the big game company, Epic Games, which made games everyone loves like Fortnite and Unreal Engine, was attacked by hackers

epic games hacked

A website called Cyber Daily said a group named Mogilevich got into Epic’s computers and took a lot of data, 189 gigabytes, including emails, passwords, full names, how people pay, and even the code used to make games. But Epic Games quickly said this wasn’t true. They told BleepingComputer, “We’re looking into it but haven’t found any proof of what’s being said. Mogilevich hasn’t talked to us or shown any proof for what they say.” People looked more into it and found out this group Mogilevich, who are pretty new to this, said on a hidden part of the internet they wanted $15,000 not to share the stuff they said they took. But they didn’t show any real proof they even had the data, making a lot of people think twice about if any of this is even true.

epic games hacked

Even though it turned out that the big scare was just a false alarm, we’ve got a big wake-up call about staying safe online, especially when playing games. Here’s how you can keep your gaming accounts secure: – Use strong and different passwords for each online account. Don’t reuse the same one everywhere. – Turn on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) if it’s an option. It means you’ll need to verify it’s really you with an extra step, not just your password. – Always get your news and updates from the official places like Epic Games’ own social media or their website. This way, you know the info is legit. By doing these things, you’ll make it a lot tougher for any online baddies to mess with your info. Stay sharp and keep your accounts safe!

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