Halo Infinite Players Craft Helldivers 2 Experience

Halo Infinite players are creating a new mode that takes inspiration from the gameplay of Helldivers 2 using the in-game Forge creation mode.

Halo Infinite

A touch of the cooperative gameplay seen in smash-hit shooter Helldivers 2 is coming to Halo Infinite, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of players. The new mode is being created entirely using Forge mode, the native Halo Infinite level editor.

Since its original release in 2022, the Halo Infinite Forge mode has been a productive font of creativity for the game’s players. Based on the original Forge mode found in Halo 3 and added to subsequent games in the series, Forge gives players access to a set of powerful in-game tools and user interface elements with which to customize levels, gameplay mechanics, and other elements of the game. Forge users have spent thousands of hours in the mode since, releasing created custom maps, recreations of classic moments and single-player missions from earlier games, and even a Halo Forge version of the Skyrim city of Solitude.

The upcoming mode inspired by Helldivers 2 was announced by a group of Forge users known as The Forge Falcons. The group first announced its intentions to create what it calls Helljumpers for Halo Infinite in February 2024, but posted an update on the mode’s progress via its official social media channels this week. The update includes showcases of the Helldivers 2-inspired gameplay elements Helljumpers will add, including the use of “stratagems” and a focus on squad-based cooperative play.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite's Forge Mode Brings Helldivers-Style Teamwork

In its Helljumpers preview, Forge Falcons stated that the mode is in a “pre-alpha” state, with a launch window targeted for June 2024. The mode will consist of several engagements dropping a group of players onto a large map, tasking them with completing a series of main and side objectives while fighting legions of computer-controlled enemies, large boss monsters, and procedurally generated events. In a sense, it’s like a mission-based blending of the classic Halo 3 ODST Firefight mode with a cooperative campaign.

In addition to a Helldivers 2-inspired mission structure, Helljumpers will enable the use of Helldivers 2’s signature mechanic: Stratagems. The stratagem mechanic in Helljumpers allows players to call in things like airstrikes, orbital attacks, supportive effects, and even a blast from the iconic Halo MAC (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) weapon.

Halo Infinite

Despite being exclusive to PC and PS5, Helldivers 2 has managed impressive commercial success without a presence on Xbox consoles. That exclusivity leaves those who prefer Xbox consoles pining for their own version of Helldivers 2 to enjoy, a need that The Forge Falcons may help to fill with Helljumpers.

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