Honkai Star Rail Reveals New Characters and March 7th Skin

Honkai Star Rail hinted potential fresh March 7th skin as well as new characters arriving in a future update. Recently, Star Rail broadcast the Version 2.3 Special Program, which highlighted fresh features and information for the Trailblaze Mission.

Honkai Star Rail

It was hinted at at the end of the Special Program stream that the Xianzhou Luofu would host the Wardance Luminary Combat Arts Ceremony—probably the basis of Honkai Star Rail Version 2.4. The trailer also depicted silhouettes of the Wardance contestants, including a ” Legendary New Swordmaster” and an upcoming Honkai: Star Rail 5-star character Yunli.

Shortly following the Special Program live, Honkai Star Rail unveiled a teaser during Summer Game Fest, largely offering a look of the last Penacony task in Version 2.3. However, the ending of the teaser thrilled many viewers since it showed a fresh March 7th skin in which she is brandishing twin swords and sporting a Xianzhou Luofu attire. This proves that March 7th is the Legendary New Swordmaster joining the Wardance, however it is yet uncertain if she will acquire fresh skills.

Apart from Yunli and March 7th, the Wardance would comprise Feixiao, Lingsha, Moze, and Huaiyan. Familiar to Honkai Star Rail, Feixiao is one of the seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhuo Alliance and oversees the Xianzhou Yaoqing. She is also Sushang’s swordmaster, so Honkai: Star Rail viewers might notice exchanges between the two in Version 2.4. Most likely, these fresh Xianzhou characters will also be playable in next versions.

– March 7th

  • Yunli
  • Feixiao
  • Lingsha
  • Moze
  • Huaiyan

Is March 7th getting a five-star variant?

Like Dan Heng’s Imbibitor Lunae, particularly once Honkai: Star Rail addresses her life narrative, it is quite hypothesised that March 7th will most likely have a 5-star variant in the future. Many fans would naturally assume Version 2.4’s new March 7th skin to be her 5-star form, but it’s also feasible that this might only be a temporary cosmetic for the narrative. Honkai Star Rail showed the first March 7th skin in the past, sporting a fresh dazzling dress during Belobog’s Solwarm Festival, but she swiftly changed back to her usual attire.

Many Honkai Star Rail members will find great delight if March 7th’s Wardance form is actually her 5-star variation. If it isn’t, though, HoYoverse is probably still developing major ideas for 5-star March 7th, particularly considering her enigmatic past due to memory loss.

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