How to Find and Solve The Sphinx’s Riddles in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2

A Guide for Finding the Sphinx

The first big challenge is finding the Sphinx. She hides in a secret place, away from busy towns and scary dungeons. Your adventure starts in the Checkpoint Rest Town. Head west, and follow the river on the map. When you get to a place where it’s raining, watch carefully for a hidden path that goes left.

Check the map we’ve given you for some help. Look for a secret path that leads you right to where the Sphinx sits, looking all majestic. Here’s where it gets interesting – you’ve got to solve the tricky puzzles she throws your way!

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Sphinx's Puzzles: Can You Crack the Code

The Sphinx is a smart creature that gives out puzzles, not needing strong muscles, but quick thinking to solve them. Solve a puzzle, and you get a treasure-filled chest. But get it wrong, and you can’t continue her adventure!

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of the Eyes

The first puzzle might look easy, but it’s trickier than it seems. Imagine you’re faced with a task by the Sphinx to find the most precious thing in a close-by cave. When you get in, scramble up the stones on your right side. There, you’ll find a chest with the Sealing Phial inside. Even though you might want to keep looking around, try not to – at the very end of the cave, there’s another chest, but this one has a Rotten Apple in it. Now, think hard: which item is really the valuable one?


Solution: Go back to the Sphinx and pick “Hear the Riddle of the Eyes”. Then, show her the Sealing Phial. Doing this opens the first chest and gives you a Wakestone. Keep the Sealing Phial for later use – you’ll need it!

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Madness

The Sphinx announces that love and madness are closely linked. She challenges you to present the one you love most as a way to prove your sanity. Confusion has no place here!


Solution: Just go ahead and place your main buddy on the platform near the Sphinx. Have a chat with her, pick “Hear the Riddle of Madness,” then hit “Answer” and wrap it up with a “Yes”. Doing this cracks the riddle open, and guess what? The second chest pops open too, showing off a shiny Portcrystal inside.


Note: Our experiments show that your Main Pawn is as effective as getting a new pawn.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Wisdom

Now, it gets a bit complicated. The Sphinx is asking for her “Parent.” This might make you scratch your head, thinking what to do next. But don’t worry too much; she’s not actually asking for her real mom or dad. What you’re looking for is a piece called SphinxParent. Be careful, though. You might run into pieces named SphinxMother or SphinxFather. They might seem like the right choice, but try not to pick them.


Solution: Go look for someone called SphinxParent, then bring them with you back to the Sphinx. Put them on the special spot and talk to the Sphinx. Pick “Hear the Riddle of Wisdom,” then “Answer,” and lastly, choose “Yes”. Doing this will open the third treasure box, and inside, you’ll find 1,200 RC..

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Conviction

The Puzzle of Belief seems straightforward, but the Sphinx loves to play tricks with words. She asks for something very valuable to you, as a way to see how giving you are. What’s great is that the exact thing you give isn’t important. It’s really the thought of giving that counts.


Solution: Bring anything you wish to. The Sphinx will take it, and then you can get it back from the fourth chest.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Rumination

This puzzle could really make players wonder. The Sphinx tells you to go back to where you first found your Seeker’s Token in the game, and you have only six days to do it. The tricky part is, there’s no way to keep track of these spots, so you have to remember!


Solution: Head back to where you picked up your first Seeker’s Token. There, a Finder’s Token will be ready for you. Grab it and show it to the Sphinx to solve the last puzzle (or maybe not?).


Reward: Solving this tricky puzzle rewards you with three Ferrystones. Afterward, the Sphinx leaves, and it’s up to you to find her if you want more challenges.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Reunion

“Even though it feels like everything stays the same, really, everything’s always changing. So now it’s time for me to leave,” says the Sphinx. This isn’t one of her usual puzzles, but a sign that she’s going away. Yet, she hints there might be more to discover if you choose to look.


Solution: To find her, go to her new place.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Recollection

When you get to her new shrine, she has a fresh riddle waiting for you – called the Riddle of Memory. She asks you to remember the number of riddles you’ve figured out until now because she says she’s forgotten. It sounds easy, but there’s a twist.


Solution: You got five puzzles right, even the Puzzle of Meeting, but you need six statues. Put all six statues in front of her on the platform. Doing this answers the puzzle.


Warning: Make sure you put all six statues on the platform. If you don’t have them all, you can’t do her quest!

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Contest

The Sphinx, a clever creature, surprises you with a test of strength. She gives you a ring that weakens your ability to attack, turning a direct battle into something you can’t win.


Solution: Be creative – the solution’s right around you! Catch your rival and throw them off the closest high ground. This unexpected tactic works really well!


Reward: Once you solve this puzzle, a treasure chest will appear. Inside, you’ll find the Ring of Ambition. Just make sure to take off the ring given to you by the Sphinx first.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Differentiation

The Sphinx thinks about how big the world is and how people are all different. She gives you the job of looking for a certain person named Vergil.


Solution: Based on where you are in the game, there are two paths to find Vergil.


Advanced Game Progress: Got your Battahl permit? Go to Checkpoint Rest Town’s south side. Vergil will meet you there.


Early Game Progress: If you don’t have permission, you’ll have to go the extra mile and come from Battahl. Check the map we’ve included to find Vergil.


Finding Vergil: Be careful! Near the entrance of Checkpoint Rest Town, there’s someone who looks a lot like Vergil – his name is Dante. Make sure not to mix them up! The Sphinx is only looking for Vergil.


Taking Vergil to Meet the Sphinx: We’ve got a couple of options for moving Vergil around:


Portcrystal Method: If you’ve got a Portcrystal close to where the Sphinx is, use a Ferrystone to get Vergil over there fast.


Sealing Phial Method: You know that special bottle we told you to hold onto? It’s time to bring it out! Put Vergil inside the bottle for a safe trip. When you get to the Sphinx, simply go into your menu and open the bottle to let Vergil out.


Solution: Chat with Vergil and question the Sphinx. This will help you figure out the mystery of the Riddle of Differentiation.


Reward: Inside the chest, there’s a weapon known as the Whimsical Daydream.

How to Find and Solve The Sphinx's Riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Riddle of Futility

The Sphinx challenges you with a tricky puzzle called the Riddle of Futility. She gives you the job of taking a delicate jar far away, all the while suggesting you might not make it.


Solution: Let’s find the best way through this challenge.


Head to the Checkpoint Rest Town: Watch out for foes that could harm the jug during your trip. Make sure to clear any obstacles ahead of time for a smooth passage.


Store the Amphora at the Inn: Make sure to relax at the inn and keep the large jar safe in your room. This way, if anything goes wrong, you’re all set.


Transportation Options:


Ox Cart: Make sure to stay alert and keep an eye out during your trip. This helps you not to lose your way and protect yourself from any dangers that might come up. If enemies start to get close, keep the amphora safe first.


Conquering the Final Challenge and Claiming Your Reward:


Your journey’s last step with the Sphinx is here, Arisen. This guide will show you the best ways to beat the Riddle of Futility and get the prize you’ve earned.


Choosing Your Travel Method


Ox Cart (Continued): Choosing to travel by ox cart? Think about starting at Battahl Ropeway Station Two, found to the west of Bakbattahl. This path is quicker to Bakbattahl, and you’ll meet fewer enemies. But watch out for the harpies!


Walking: This way, though not as easy, gives you better grip on how fast you go. It makes dealing with dangers simpler, keeping the precious jar safe.


Reaching Bakbattahl


No matter how you decide to get there, once you arrive at Bakbattahl, make sure to stop at the closest inn for a break. This way, you’ll have a backup plan if something unexpected happens.


Delivering the Amphora


Go to Ser Maurits in Bakbattahl and give him the amphora. He will know what it is and thank you for it.


Returning to the Sphinx


Now that you’ve finished the delivery, head back to the Sphinx and let her know you’ve done it. You’ve reached the end of your challenges!


Claiming Your Reward


To show thanks for your cleverness and hard work, the Sphinx gives you the Eternal Bond ring – a special prize for all you’ve done.

Well done, Arisen! You’ve made it through the Sphinx’s tricky puzzles and came out on top. Her challenges have given you awesome treasures and made you sharper and more clever. Now, it’s time to explore more in the huge world of Dragon’s Dogma 2!

Dragon's Dogma 2

Additional Tips

On your adventure, use the map given to find secret routes and important people. Listen carefully to how the puzzles are worded. The Sphinx likes to use tricky language or words with more than one meaning, so it’s important to read with care. Try various ways to solve the puzzles. Sometimes, the answers might not be what you expect. The most important things to have on this journey are patience and a sharp brain.

We want this complete guide to give you all the tips and tricks you need to solve the Sphinx’s puzzles and get your rewards in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

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