Microsoft’s Next Xbox: Who’s Steering the Ship ?

In a bit of unexpected news, it seems the folks who made the Xbox Series X|S won’t be the same ones working on the next Xbox. Nick Baker, known as Shpeshal_Nick from the XboxEra Podcast, has said that Jason Ronald won’t be in charge of the new project. Instead, it looks like the Microsoft Surface team will take over. 


This change has got everyone talking since Jason Ronald’s group did such a great job with the current Xbox, which people really like for how well it works, its ability to play old games, and its cool new tricks. But now, we’re starting a fresh chapter.The Surface team stepping in opens up some really interesting ideas. Will Microsoft change how they make consoles completely? Maybe they’re thinking about making something you can carry around. We don’t have a lot of info yet, but the Surface team is known for making really nice-looking stuff that does things in new ways, so it could mean something pretty awesome is coming.


Could it be that the Surface team taking over points to an Xbox that you could take with you? Just think about an Xbox that you could bring anywhere and it would still work with all your Xbox games and friends. No matter if it’s just smaller or made for on-the-go gaming, this could shake things up for gamers.Microsoft is about to tell us what they’re planning to do with Xbox very soon. There’s been talk about games that are usually just on Xbox showing up in other places, which hints that they’re thinking about mixing things up. Does this have to do with the next Xbox? We’ll have to wait and see.

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