MLB The Show 24 Review

For those who love baseball, the sound of the bat hitting the ball and the cheers from the fans are not just noises – they're like music that stirs up excitement. MLB The Show 24 is here, offering a real and deep baseball experience that gets to the core of this classic American game. We'll go through it all, from how it plays to the buzz of the stadium lights, to see if it's a big hit or a miss.

mlb the show 24

Release Date and Availability

MLB The Show 24 made a big splash on March 19, 2024, grabbing spots on PlayStation and Xbox systems, including the older ones, plus the Nintendo Switch! People who play games on their computers need to hang tight, as there’s no word yet on it coming out for Windows. But, if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass, you’re in luck because you can start playing immediately. Plus, if you order the game’s special versions before it’s released, you get some cool bonuses.

mlb the show 24

Pre-Order Details and Special Editions

Talking about ordering before the release, if you were super excited to begin the season sooner, you could grab the game in advance. By ordering some special versions before it came out, gamers got to start playing on March 15th, which was some days ahead of when it was officially supposed to come out. There were three special versions for sale, and each one gave players different extra goodies, such as bunches of digital cards to help you create the ultimate team, so you could have an advantage in the game.

mlb the show 24

Game Modes and New Additions (8/10)

MLB The Show 24 comes with a wide variety of game modes that every baseball fan will love. In Franchise Mode, you get to be the General Manager and build your own baseball dynasty by developing players, making trades, and making smart choices. Diamond Dynasty is very popular and lets you create your dream team by collecting cards of famous players from today and the past. This time, the season in the mode is even longer, giving you 12 weeks to show what you can do.

For people wanting a fast game, March to October lets you play important parts of the season, helping your team win the World Series trophy. If you dream of being a big baseball star, you can start your adventure in Road to the Show, making your own baseball hero. Also, this year, for the first time, you can make a female character, making the game more welcoming for everyone.

mlb the show 24

Gameplay Mechanics (8.5/10)

At the core of every baseball game is how it’s played. MLB The Show 24 hits it out of the park by emphasizing how real it feels and how quickly it responds. The creators have brought in an amazing 400 new movements, letting fielders move faster and pitchers show off more kinds of pitches. They’ve even improved the size of the bases and how players tag each other, making sure every moment of the game feels true to life. Whether you’re hitting a fast ball or catching one mid-air, the game’s controls make sure your moves turn into action smoothly, giving points for just the right timing and smart pitching.

mlb the show 24

Graphics and Visuals (9/10)

Walking into the online baseball field, you see amazing pictures that make you think you’re at a big baseball game. The sunlight shines on shiny helmets, the carefully made crowds are full of cheers and moans, and the very detailed stadiums take you right into the middle of the game. From the bright green grass of the outfield to the old leather of a baseball, everything looks clear and detailed. MLB The Show 24 is a treat for baseball lovers, letting you feel like you’re part of the competition.

mlb the show 24

Sound and Music (8/10)

The sound of the bat hitting the ball, the loud noise from the fans when a player misses the ball, and the constant beat of the fast ball landing in the glove – this is what baseball sounds like. MLB The Show 24 makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the game, with sounds that bring the excitement to life. Fans get louder or quieter depending on what happens in the game, happy for a big hit and disappointed for a drop. The music in the game is there but it doesn’t take over, making the game feel even more real without getting in the way.

mlb the show 24

Controls and User Interface (8/10)

Getting the hang of a smooth swing depends on having controls that feel natural. The setup in MLB The Show 24 is spot-on, giving you a setup that reacts well and can be tweaked to your liking. No matter if you’ve played for years or are just starting, figuring out the controls is a breeze. The screen where you see everything is tidy and simple, showing you just what you need without blocking the game. It’s easy to see your choices for pitching, running the bases, and checking out your players’ details, meaning you’re fully in charge of how your team does.

Performance and Optimization (9/10)

A good swing needs the game to run smoothly. MLB The Show 24 does a great job of this on every device. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a strong Playstation 5 or a Nintendo Switch you can take with you anywhere, the game keeps running without any hitches. The people who made the game made sure it works well on each system, cutting down on any delays. This makes playing feel real good, with every pitch, hit, and catch happening right when it should.

Replay Value (9/10)

Baseball is all about making smart moves and always improving. MLB The Show 24 captures this feeling perfectly, making you want to play again and again. It has lots of different ways to play, so you’re always finding new challenges. You can create a powerful team in Franchise Mode, find rare cards in Diamond Dynasty, or experience big events from the past in March to October. Playing online with others adds even more fun, letting you see how good you are compared to players everywhere.

mlb the show 24

Innovation and Uniqueness (8/10)

Innovation is super important for making a sports game stay interesting. MLB The Show 24 isn’t just copying the sport; it’s really shaking things up. Adding female characters in Road to the Show is a big move that makes the game more welcoming for everyone. The seasons in Diamond Dynasty are now longer, offering even more fun for players who’ve been around. These changes show how much the creators want to keep the game cool and fun every year.

mlb the show 24

Immersion and Atmosphere (9/10)

MLB The Show 24 really makes you feel like you’re in the middle of all the action. It’s got amazing pictures, lively sounds from the crowd, and the way the players move looks so real. It’s like you’re actually there, playing. When you hit a game-winning homer or miss a big swing, the game gets the ups and downs of baseball just right.

Character Development

In some sports video games, building up characters is really important. But in MLB The Show, the big deal is to look after and grow your whole team. When you play Franchise Mode, you pick up new players at the start, swap older players for new ones, and help young players get better, aiming to create a super team step by step. In Road to the Show, you make and change how your player looks, but the main thing is how well they play in games and their stats, not so much a big story about them.

mlb the show 24

Final Verdict (9/10)

MLB The Show 24 hits it out of the park. It improves how the game is played, looks amazing, and feels real, making it a fun baseball game for all types of players. You can build a great team in Franchise Mode or make yourself a star in Road to the Show. Everyone can find something they like here. Adding women players and making Diamond Dynasty bigger shows the game creators want to keep making the game better for everyone. No matter if you’ve played a lot of baseball games or this is your first, MLB The Show 24 is something you’ll want to play again and again. So, pick up your bat, get ready to swing, and enjoy playing baseball!

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