Guide for the Mystery of a Beggar in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2

Where to Find Albert in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Your adventure with Albert‘s sneaky ways begins in the center of the Merchant Quarter. Look for a big statue of a dragon that’s been defeated. This is where Albert will be, telling overly dramatic stories of his past adventures to a very small crowd, sometimes even just to one person who happens to stop by. The person listening doesn’t really believe Albert’s stories about going from poor to rich, and says so. This starts your journey and makes you start to wonder if there’s any truth to Albert’s tales.

Dragon's Dogma 2

How to Progress in "A Beggar's Tale" in Dragon's Dogma 2 ?

Following Albert might seem like the smart move, but it’s not! Those of us who love adventure know better. Sometimes, it’s not about sticking close to someone for hours. The real secret? It’s all about noticing the little things. Watch how the colors in the sky change. When the sun sets and long shadows stretch out over the busy market, that’s when things with Albert start to get interesting.

Dragon's Dogma 2

"A Beggar's Tale" Twist

As the sun heads to rest, Albert sets off from his favorite spot next to the water feature. Track him quietly through the twisting backstreets of Vernworth. He’ll find his way to a plain-looking house in the Common Quarter. Now for a surprise: Albert takes off his worn-out beggar’s clothes and comes out looking completely different.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2: Beggar's Shocking Secret!

What’s Albert’s next move? You might not expect this. He heads to the fancy Noble Quarter, which is a big change from the poor areas he was in before. This is where things start to get tricky. Albert changes into a proper gentleman again, getting back together with his wife and settling into what seems like a cozy life.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Who Gets the Beggar's Garb in Dragon's Dogma 2 ?

The moment of truth is here: a simple piece of clothing, known as the Beggar’s Garb, is left in Albert’s house. This ordinary cloth is actually very important because it can show everyone the big secret Albert has been hiding. Now, it’s up to you, the hero, to decide who should know the real story. This is when the adventure really splits into different paths, each with its own special prizes and outcomes.

  • Silence for Coin: After spending a day or two away, make your way back to Albert’s place in the Common Quarter. Once you get there, you’ll see him all worried, thinking his secret has been discovered. This is your moment to make a move. Tell him you won’t spill the beans, and you’ll end up richer by 5,000 Gold and gain 900 Experience Points. Just keep in mind, by doing this, you’re letting Albert keep up with his tricks.
  • Justice for the Wife: Go find Albert’s wife, Hilda, in the fancy part of town. Give her the Beggar’s Clothes and watch how she first can’t believe it, then gets really mad. Wait a few days and go back to see her. You’ll find her happy this time. Albert got himself a real job, and to say thanks, she gives you three special gems and 900 points for your experience.
  • A Deadly Revelation: Go to a poor area and look for a lady named Celina, who is very important to Albert. You must give her some simple clothing and prepare for something very sad. The next day, you’ll see a guard outside Albert’s home in a regular part of town. Something big and bad has happened. Celina, filled with anger and sadness, ended both her and Albert’s lives. You’ll get 3,000 Gold and a special flower as a reward, but you’ll feel really guilty about it.

Beyond "A Beggar's Tale" - More Quests to Discover!

A Beggar’s Tale” teaches us a great lesson about looking beyond what we see. It’s a journey that values how closely you pay attention and makes you think about what’s right and wrong based on what you decide to do. But there’s more to explore in Vernworth. Do you recall Rodge, the young guy who’s really in need of someone to help him look for his lost grandpa? Get ready, because there’s another exciting story waiting for you just ahead.

Bonus Tips for Mastering "A Beggar's Tale" and Beyond:

  • Learning How to Watch: Just following Albert around won’t crack the case, but being observant is important. Notice the little things, like when Albert walks away from the fountain. These small changes can show us something new about what he does every day.
  • Waiting It Out: This adventure takes its time, and you might need to wait a day or two after you give away the Beggar’s Clothes to see what happens next. Stay patient – the results are going to surprise you.
  • Discovering Different Stories: The quest “A Beggar’s Tale” in Dragon’s Dogma 2 lets you choose your own adventure with several different endings. Try playing it more than once to see the different ways things can turn out and learn more about Albert’s life and the effects of what you decide to do.
  • Lending a Hand: Remember Rodge, the young guy who’s looking for his grandpa? His quest, “Rodge’s Resolve,” is another journey that makes you think and is ready for you to explore. Use what you’ve learned from “A Beggar’s Tale” – like how to watch closely, stay patient, and pay attention to detail – to help Rodge when he needs it most.
  • Making Tough Decisions: In “A Beggar’s Tale,” you’re faced with choices that aren’t easy to make. Think about what might happen based on who you give the Beggar’s Clothes to. Will you go after what you want, try to uncover the truth because it’s the right thing to do, or set off a series of unfortunate events?

Beyond "A Beggar's Tale": Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Vernworth

Vernworth is an exciting city full of secret tales and interesting people. As you wander around, make sure to look out for these things:

  • Notice Boards: These simple boards found all over town can reveal surprise missions. Some missions are easy to figure out, but ones like “A Beggar’s Tale” need a bit more thought.
  • Listening in: Pay attention when people in town are talking. You might catch pieces of conversations that hint at secret issues or even start new adventures.
  • Hidden Paths: While the main streets are filled with obvious stores and sellers, the small back lanes hide treasures, secret stores, and sometimes a mysterious person with an offer.

Remember, Arisen, exploring the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 pays off. By paying close attention, being patient, and thinking about your decisions, you’ll defeat powerful enemies and discover complex stories buried in the world of Vernworth.

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