New Titles Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass for April

Hey Xbox Game Pass members! Gear up to hit the greens, wander through an old manor, go on an epic RPG journey, and plunge into a cute underwater quest. Microsoft just announced the cool games coming to the subscription service this April, with fun picks for everyone.

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Gear Up for Turbo-Charged Golf with Turbo Golf Racing

First, let’s talk about Turbo Golf Racing, a game that makes golf way more exciting. Forget about slow golf carts; here, you’ll drive a super-fast car. It’s a lot like Rocket League, where players zoom through colorful tracks, trying to get their ball into special holes as fast as they can. They’re planning to fully launch the game on April 4th. Turbo Golf Racing adds a fun new twist to a well-liked sport, making it a great game for anyone looking for some lively multiplayer action.

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Unravel the Secrets of Botany Manor

If you like using your brain for fun games, get ready for Botany Manor. It’s a new game that takes you on an adventure inside an old manor from the 1800s. This place is full of cool little details and secrets that will keep you hooked. It’s great for anyone who loves getting lost in mystery puzzles. You’ll explore, find secret hints, and learn all about the manor’s exciting past.

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Forge Your Destiny in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Hey RPG fans! Get ready for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, set to launch in 2024, as it hits Xbox Game Pass on April 23rd. Dive into the enchanting world of Allraan, filled with deep political stories and endless opportunities. Create a squad of distinctive heroes, learn tactical fighting, and start a big journey that’s unforgettable.

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Dive Deep with Another Crab's Treasure

Are you set for a cute but tough journey? Another Crab’s Treasure drops you right in (or maybe claw-in?) into a deep-sea adventure with a souls-like twist. The sweet crab hero might look harmless, but this game offers exciting fights to challenge you. Dive into a colorful sea world, battle strong enemies, and find out hidden mysteries in Another Crab’s Treasure.

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Build Your Empire with Manor Lords

For those who love strategy games, Manor Lords is a thrilling chance to create the city you’ve always wanted. This game, set in historical times, lets players grow a tiny village into a big, bustling city. You’ll need to collect resources, look after your people, and set up trade paths, all while dealing with the era’s challenges and chances. Manor Lords will be ready to try on PC Game Pass in April, giving you a peek into the city-making adventure that’s in store.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the cool games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April. There’s a bunch of different types of games, so everyone will find something fun to play. Make sure to check out these games and more over the month, and get excited for new gaming experiences!

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