Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Point to Custom Nvidia Chip and Backwards Compatibility

As 2024 unfolds, discussions about upcoming consoles like the Nintendo Switch Pro and the Nintendo Switch 2 take center stage. Recent leaks shed light on the latter, revealing tantalizing details about a custom Nvidia chip, backwards compatibility, and Nintendo’s vision for the next generation of gaming. Let’s dive into the specifics:

nintendo switch 2

Custom Nvidia Chip for Nintendo Switch 2

According to a Reuters report, Nintendo is turning to Nvidia once again, this time for its handheld device. The current Nintendo Switch features Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, but the upcoming iteration—expected this year—will sport a bespoke Nvidia design. Given their successful partnership with the existing console, it’s no surprise that Nintendo is sticking with Nvidia.

nintendo switch 2

Backwards Compatibility for Nintendo Switch 2

Leaked information from Centro Leaks via Universo Nintendo confirms that the Switch 2 will offer seamless backwards compatibility. Whether you own physical or digital versions of Switch games, rest assured—they’ll work flawlessly on the Switch 2. Furthermore, developers can enhance existing titles to optimize them for the new console. Backwards compatibility remains a crucial feature as we transition to the next gaming era. Stay tuned for more updates as the Nintendo Switch 2’s official reveal draws near! 🎮🌟

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