NVIDIA’s Gaming Revenue Surges with Boost from AI Gaming Technologies

NVIDIA released their financial numbers for the initial quarter, and you'll easily guess what happened. Data centre revenues generated by AI and GPU sales hit record highs, pushing the company's stock price to nearly 1,000 per share. With everyone focusing on AI and NVIDIA doing the way in terms of technology, you're probably thinking about how the gaming segment, along with its GeForce business, is.


Contrary to AMD’s struggling Radeon and console gaming revenues, The Gaming sector of NVIDIA is thriving—having $2.6 billion of revenue, an increase of 18% compared to last year. It’s not even close to that $22.6 billion of data centre revenues or the staggering 427% increase in year-over-year revenue in this sector, but it’s still a positive sign for a traditionally slow quarter for gaming revenues.

Gaming revenue dropped 8 per cent from the previous quarter, but the year-over-year increase is deemed positive for GeForce hardware. However, it is important to note that AI continues to dominate the day-to-day. NVIDIA’s financials include ‘AI gaming technology and AI optimizing performance’ as crucial events for NVIDIA’s gaming business in the past quarter.

This is the complete NVIDIA report of the company’s plans, including two major forthcoming RTX-powered games by the firm: Star Wars Outlaws and Black Myth Wukong.


Gaming and AI PC

  • First-quarter Gaming revenues were $2.6 billion, down 8 per cent from the prior quarter but up 18 per cent compared to last year.
  • New AI game technologies are in GDC, NVIDIA ACE, and Neural Graphics.
  • New AI performance optimizations and integrated features for Windows give you the highest efficiency with NVIDIA GeForce RX AI computers and desktops.
  • Nvidia announced that several blockbuster titles like Star Wars Outlaws and Black Myth Wukong will use RTX technology.
  • We have updated support for the latest models, including Google’s Gemma. This device is compatible with ChatRTX, which brings chatbot features to RTX-powered Windows computers and desktops.
  • AMD’s recent results were an excellent sign for its data centre revenues. However, gaming revenues, including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles, saw a huge drop of 48% over the past year. AMD’s CFO, EVP, and Treasurer Jean Hu said that “Demand has been quite weak” for all gaming equipment and expects this trend to continue into the second quarter.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out for NVIDIA and its Gaming sector and whether revenue decreases or gains momentum as we move to this GeForce RTX 50 Series Generation.

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