Pokemon GO Player Successfully Completes Incredibly Hard Research

One Pokemon GO user has completed Niantic's Glimmers Of Gratitude Research Masterwork, a very difficult research project. Pokemon GO players must complete research tasks to aid Professor Willow with his discoveries. Pokemon GO rewards players for completing these tasks with different items—the more complex the research, the greater the reward.

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Pokemon GO offers different types of research, such as Field research, Timed research, Special research, and level-up research. Masterwork Research is another type of research in Pokemon GO. This is a long-term particular research that Niantic releases in each edition. Four masterworks of research have been released in Pokemon GO so far. The first major event was the All-in-One Research which happened during the Pokemon GO tour in 2021. This event gave players a chance to catch a Shiny Mew. Pokemon GO players must be patient and take their time to complete the Masterwork Research. One trainer, however, has demonstrated incredible dedication by completing one of Pokemon GO’s most impressive research.

MYSTIC7, a YouTuber from the United States, completed the Glimmers Of Gratitude Research. This research is considered by many to be Niantic’s hardest Pokemon GO Research. He recounts his experience in the video. The first part of the challenges took him over a month to complete. Pokemon GO players are required to catch 492 Pokemon in the first stage of Glimmers Of Gratitude Research. These Pokemon come from Kanto Johto Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Why is Glimmers Of Gratitude Masterwork research so challenging to complete?

Glimmers Of Gratitude Masterwork research is available to Pokemon GO players who participated in the Pokemon GO Tour. It doesn’t expire, and they can finish it at their own pace. In addition to capturing Pokemon in the first four regions, there are six stages to complete. The other challenges were to throw Nice, Great and Excellent curveballs and catch Pokemon on 21 different days. A second quest, which is challenging to complete, is only completed when the Pokemon GO user reaches level forty. Trainers who persistently complete Glimmers Of Gratitude Masterwork research will receive a Shiny Shaymin.

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The Apex Masterwork Research allows Pokemon GO users to catch Shadow Lugia, Shadow Ho-oh and Shiny Shaymin in their Apex versions. The Shiny Jirachi is available to trainers who complete the Masterwork Research Wish Granted. These Masterwork Researches may seem daunting due to their long list of challenges, but trainers who complete at least one will be rewarded with a Shiny Jirachi.

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