Pokemon GO’s “Catching Wonders” Event Brings Back Master Ball

The Master Ball is back in the form of a brand new Pokemon GO event, and players can have a chance to win the powerful item in the coming weeks.

Pokemon GO "Catching Wonders" Event

Pokemon GO has announced that the Master Ball will be back at an upcoming event. Pokemon GO has different Poke Balls for players to play with in addition to one called the Master Ball. When they pick one up, Pokemon GO players get an extremely powerful tool, as they will be able to use the Master Ball ensures catching a Pokemon without failure.

The players of Niantic’s game witnessed Master Ball’s Master Ball debut in Pokemon GO in 2023, through The Let’s GO Special Research, as well as a second time the same year with The Timed Research Investigation: Master Ball. For both Pokemon GO trainers and those who didn’t get the two research sessions, there was a lot of excitement to find out what time the Master Ball would return to the game. Niantic has finally responded to this question and revealed that the massive Poke Ball will be available in Pokemon GO in the coming weeks.

Following the announcement for The Master Ball, Pokemon GO has revealed the Master Ball will soon be offered within the brand updated Catching Wonders event. Beginning on May 14, at 10am until May 19 at 8pm (local time), Pokemon GO players will get the game for free Catching Wonders Masterwork Research. When they complete the tasks, they will be rewarded players with Master Ball, Stardust, XP, Berries, Pokemon encounters, and much more. It’s important to know that, just like Diancie’s latest Special Research, Master Ball’s Masterwork Research does not have an expiration date. In this way, Pokemon GO players can complete the course at their own speed.

Pokemon GO "Catching Wonders" Event

Pokemon GO's "Catching Wonders" Event

Alongside making available the Master Ball available for the third time in Pokemon GO history, the Catching Wonders event will reward Pokemon GO players with 10x XP and 5x Stardust for the first day’s catch. Through spin PokeStop as well as the Gym of the day, trainers will earn 10x XP. In addition to the brand latest Masterwork Research, Pokemon GO will be launching the new Field Research tasks related to the event. Pokemon Trainers who successfully succeed in completing the tasks will be awarded Stardust, Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls.

Pokemon GO "Catching Wonders" Event

Master Ball Master Ball is an extremely important Pokemon GO item due to its rarity and power and therefore, every chance given by Niantic to acquire it should be taken advantage of. Once this Master Ball in hand, it is up each Pokemon GO player to decide what is the best way to utilize it. One of the most effective alternatives to Pokemon GO players is to take on any or more of the Galarian Birds, since the local forms that include Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have a very low percentage of capture.

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