The Best Free Game For iOS (2024)

The App Store is packed with so many games, it can be hard to find the best free game for ios that are free on app store. But don't worry! We've got a great guide that will show you some of the best free games out there for iOS. These games come in all types, so no matter what you like, there's something for you. So, let's get ready to explore the amazing universe of mobile games together!

Best Free Game For iOs

Best Free iOS Puzzle Games

  • Tetris Effect: (includes things to buy in the app): This favorite game where you match tiles looks and sounds amazing now. Every time you clear a line, the music and sounds change in a cool way, making the game feel real. When the shapes snap into place, there’s a great sound, and the bright, colorful grids change and move, making you feel really good when you finish a level.
  • Genshin Impact: Dive into an endless adventure RPG filled with hidden wonders. Tackle tricky puzzles, break secret codes, and hit enemies with powerful magic. Uncover secrets in old ruins, enjoy breaking puzzles apart, and discover exciting secrets in the magical world of Teyvat.

Best Free iOS Games For the Thrill Seeker

  • Call of Duty: Mobile: Jump into the exciting world of Call of Duty. Play quick multiplayer games, take over famous maps, and pick your gear to match how you like to play. Listen to loud gunshots all around you, feel the suspense as you approach an enemy, and watch bright explosions light up the area.
  • Asphalt 9: Legends: Get ready for exciting street races. Imagine the wind in your hair as you swiftly turn corners, listen to the loud engine sound when you speed up to win, and watch the beautiful scenes quickly pass by, giving you a thrill.

Best Free iOS Games For For the Creative Soul

  • Minecraft: Dive into a limitless creative journey! Collect materials, build awesome buildings, and wander through a huge world that’s always new. Enjoy the cool sound of pickaxes hitting rock, experience the joy of building whatever you dream up, and watch your creations take shape, piece by piece.
  • Sky: Children of the Light: Fly across amazing scenery in this group game. Join forces with others, figure out nature-themed riddles, and discover hidden stories of an ancient realm. Listen to the magical music that plays as you explore, enjoy the feeling of sunshine coming through your screen, and watch as everything appears in beautiful, dreamy watercolor pictures.

Best Free iOS Games For the Strategist

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades: Step into the enchanting world of Elder Scrolls. Create your town, tackle complex missions, and navigate through cunning dungeons. Experience the thrill of battle, the joy of planning smart strategies, and watch your town grow with your wise choices.
  • Chess – Play & Learn: Boost your brain power with this traditional strategy game. Improve your talents by playing against computer rivals or by facing off with friends online. Enjoy the comforting sound of pieces moving on the board, understand the importance of your choices as you plan what to do next, and watch the careful strategy play out right in front of you.
best game for ios free

Best Free iOS Games For the Wordsmith

  • SpellTower: Try out your word skills in this quick game. Enjoy the “pop” sound when you make words, feel the excitement as time runs out, and watch your word list grow with every new word you find.
  • Wordscapes: Merge the fun of crossword puzzles with the thrill of word searches for an experience that really gets your brain working. Enjoy the “click” of fitting each letter just right, the joy of solving a tough puzzle, and watching your vocabulary grow as you discover hidden words.

Best Free iOS Games For the Social Butterfly

  • Among Us: This game became super popular everywhere. You and your team have to do tasks together, but watch out! There’s someone pretending to be part of the team who wants to mess everything up. You’ll hear people blaming each other in urgent meetings, feel nervous trying to figure out who the fake is, and watch as a bunch of lies and trickery come out.
  • Brawl Stars: Join your pals for quick 3-on-3 matches across many fun game types. Listen to your team’s urgent strategy talks, enjoy the rush of beating your rivals, and watch bright colors burst into the air when you launch your big move.

Best Free iOS Games For the Min-Maxer

  • Arknights: In this game, you place troops and manage resources cleverly to protect your base. Enjoy the exciting sounds as your troops stop the enemies, get a rush from setting up your base in the best way possible, and watch your careful plans stop even the toughest enemies.
  • AFK Arena: Climb up the sky ladder in this fun RPG where you don’t have to be always playing. Put together a group of strong heroes, let them go on quests even when you’re not around, and enjoy the treasures they bring back when you return. Listen to the sweet sound of winning when your heroes finish a level, feel proud as your team becomes more powerful, and watch your hero collection get bigger with every new hero you get.

Best Free iOS Games For the Audiophile

  • Deemo: Dive into a wonderful world of music with this rhythm game. Tap to the beat of lovely piano tunes, and discover new songs to play. As you play, you’ll unfold an emotional story. Listen to beautiful piano music in your headphones, feel the beat with your fingers as you tap, and enjoy stunning pictures that go with the tunes.
  • Cytus II: Get ready to test your quick moves in this speedy music game that plays all kinds of tunes. Listen as the upbeat rhythms bounce out of your speakers, get pumped up as you nail the timing for each sound, and watch the bright lights and effects move in sync with the beat.

Best Free iOS Games For a Relaxing Experience

  • Stardew Valley: Get away from the busy city life and enjoy the peace of living in the countryside. Take care of your own farm, grow plants, look after animals, and make friends with the lovely people in town. Listen to birds chirping softly and the soothing sound of a stream close by. Feel proud of working hard and watch your small farm grow into a bustling place full of life.
  • Osmos: Begin a peaceful exploration across an enchanting realm of delicate, glowing orbs. Listen to the soothing background melodies that surround you, experience a wave of relaxation as you move through the peaceful scenes, and witness the captivating imagery that forms a genuinely calming adventure.

Remember, we’re just starting to explore all the amazing free games you can find for iPhones and iPads. There are so many choices out there, everyone can find something they like. So, grab your imaginary explorer hat, pick up your iPhone or iPad, and get set to dive into the world of games waiting for you in the App Store!

best game for ios free

While we talked a lot about games you can play without paying, it’s cool to remember there are tons of games you have to buy on iOS. These games are often way better than the free ones. If you really like a game and want more of it, think about getting the whole game. You could end up finding a game you can’t stop playing!

Final Note

  • Microtransactions: Remember, lots of games you can play for free let you buy things inside the game with real money. Be careful and make a budget for how much you’re willing to spend if you often buy stuff on a whim.
  • In-App Advertising: Many free games let you play without charging, but they show ads. These ads can be annoying. However, there’s often a way to get rid of them by buying something inside the game.
  • Updates: Free-to-play games keep changing, adding new stuff, cool features, and fun events all the time. Make sure to keep up with your favorite games to get the best out of them.

So, With this handy guide, you’re all set to explore the App Store and pick out the best free game that matches what you like. Enjoy your gaming adventure!

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