Update on Cult of the Lamb Including Significant New Feature

A new Cult of the Lamb update containing co-op multiplayer was revealed for August 12 during Devolver Digital's Devolver Direct on June 7. Players of Cult of the Lamb, a rogue-like game, assume control of a sacrificial lamb in command of a cult devoted to a figure known as "The One Who Waits." Developer Massive Monster has kept supporting the game with free content updates since it debuted. Announced at the Devolver Direct, the third free content update for the game marks.

Cult of the Lamb, Unholy Alliance

Since its 2022 release, Cult of the Lamb has seen significant content upgrades that keep the game interesting and provide players with cause to keep visiting the rogue-like. First update of Cult of the Lamb titled “Relics of the Old Faith.” This update concentrated mostly on broadening the combat of the game. Called “Sins of the Flesh,” the second and most significant update to the Cult of the Lamb thus far is This update included fresh quests the player may undertake, objects, and features.

Now, as promised during the Devolver Direct on June 7, the Unholy Alliance update brings co-op multiplayer to Cult of the Lamb. This news follows the release of the Cult of the Lamb comic. Players will be able to team-up with friends to experience Cult of the Lamb together once the update releases. While a second player plays a new goat avatar, one player will take command of the titular lamb. Playing together helps the game to introduce fresh approaches on mini-games and vary gameplay. Mid-fight the Lamb and the Goat can swap weapons. Moreover, players can deal bonus damage if both of them battle in unison.

Unholy Alliance Contributing More Than Only Co-op

Apart from co-op, Unholy Alliance brings fresh powers and capabilities for single users to enjoy. A Press Release from Devolver Digital states, “new tarot cards, relics, buildings, fleeces, follower traits, follower quests, and other secrets to discover.” There is only local co-op introduced to Cult of the Lamb; no hint of online co-op being added at a later point. For the foreseeable future, Mass Monster is certain to be backing Cult of the Lamb. Following Cult of the Lamb’s Sins of the Flesh update in January, this is the second update of 2024 and there is always more possibility for material to be added to Cult of the Lamb. Since its release, the developers have been including fan comments into the game, which has helped it to rank among Devolver Digital’s finest titles.

When the Lamb’s 2022 release gets great reviews, Unholy Alliance aims to keep enhancing the game even further. Unholy Alliance update from Cult of the Lamb releases on August 12. Gamers will be able to command the Lamb and the Goat and guide their cult toward triumph alongside one another.

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